This past Saturday Nov. 24, I had the pleasure of hosting the reception celebration of the marriage of my #squamishfamily Dave & Chantel in Studio at Homebase.

With an effortless swin through the studio, Chantel and her team of design assistants completely transformed the space into an initmate folk country-style barn dance party reception.
The 60 person event went over so smoothly with myself holding down the fort. I was amazed to feel the love in room after @steptwelve and @janalahti as well as chantels sister perform acoustic sets. Fully inhouse catered and fueled by Howe Sound Brewery the airwas delicable.
I could see more of these private functions in the future for homebase studios.
If you have any questions about studio space/ event rental,feel free to email Stan at

FYI we also have 2 artists spots available in studio for creators that require space outside of home.224$ a month plus internet($10)
Rental Perks:
-24hr access
-secure double keyed entry
-shared hi-speed internet
-lots of daylight
-shared washroom/ patios
-radiant heated floors
-shared kitchenette & espresso bar
-shared space with creative minds









If you happen to find yourself in yaletown in Vancouver and of course you like wine. You must stop in and view Laurel's recent work at Raw Canvas. Full of colour and bold in content her work pulls in the viewer for the backstory. A delight in all manners of the word. Yeah Laurel!